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Welcome to North London Loans, your one-stop destination to a variety of different secured loans that you have always wished for. We all need loans at some point in time in our lives. However, the fact that there are so many lenders, with so many different products means that we are never really sure as to whether or not we will end up with the right one. Here, what you need is a little simplicity, a little less burden in our already busy lives. This is where we come and save you some trouble.

What we offer?

Remember all those times that you had to get a loan but doing so meant going through all the offerings of different lenders, not knowing which one would suit you best? What we offer is a chance to leave it all behind. At North London Loans, we bring to you a very wide range of different secured loans that are according to you needs and requirements. Through our vast contacts with the major secured loans lenders like Barclays and Sainsbury, we bring to you loans that you want. No room for second thoughts, no room for wasting your precious time - just what you need, just when you want.

What are the benefits?

Since the loans we are offering are secured, the interest rates we charge are humble to say the least. This means that you no longer have to take a huge chunk out of your pocket every time you pay off the interest. When setting our interest rates, we keep a check on its impact on your financial standing, and thus, ensure that there is no overwhelming pressure on you.

In addition, these loans are very easily achievable. With most lenders and especially those offering unsecured loans, there is a requirement of respectable credit ratings. This becomes an unavoidable obstacle in your way if you do not have a satisfactory credit rating. However, at North London Loans, we emphasize on maximum ease and thus, bring to you loans that are quite easily approved.

If cost and credit ratings do not trouble you, there is certainly that factor of tedious paperwork and complicated details that makes things difficult. We have all been victims of too much detail, which is the most commonly found reason for your missing out on important information. With our loans, everything is crystal clear and adequately explained. What you see is what you get, while our staff also ensure that any unforeseen difficulty that you may face is gotten rid of as soon as possible.

What is the cost?

We are proud to have some of the lowest APRs you can find. However, as with most loans, the cost you pay depends on you. The factors that are taken into consideration range from your credit rating to the amount of loan that you wish to take. Since we provide ample room for you to pick-choose your loan, there is not one figure that can be provided. However, we ensure that not only is the cost within your means but that you are made aware of all the different aspects and thus, go for the loan that fits your pocket.

What can they be used for?

Unlike many other loans that are meant for a specific expense, our loans give you the freedom to choose where you wish to spend your money. From buying a new car to consolidating your debts, you can use it for just about anything. While debt consolidation is a very commonly seen use, other uses like renovations and starting small-scale businesses are also seen.

How much can be borrowed?

Depending on your credit rating, the maximum amount you can borrow will be given to you. Next, it depends on you how much within that bracket you choose to buy. However, at North London Loans, keeping your interest at the forefront of our mission statement, it is our duty to encourage you to take as much loan as you need. Not only is taking up excessive loan very wasteful but also poses the threat of becoming that one thing that brings you face to face with debt related problems. Therefore, it is always better to stay within one's means and play safe.

What do I need?

When your loan application is approved, you are required to send documents like proof of id, passport, etc. As soon as you have provided the relevant documents and they have been verified, it does not take any longer for the funds to be released. Just that simple.

How do I apply?

Our online application is available to you 24/7, allowing you a chance to apply at any hour, within a few minutes. We take into account only the most relevant of information, and get back to you as soon as possible. You are not bind by anything you until you have signed official papers, and therefore, encourage you to apply and delight yourself with all we have to offer.

Why North London Loans?

When it comes to secured loans there is no place else you should rather be. This is not just because we offer the lowest rates that you can find, it is much more. When you are a part of the North London Loans family, the matter is more than just financial. Here, we ensure that we take utmost care of all our customers and ensure that each and every one of them goes home smiling. We make this possible by not just providing loans, but through enlightenment. From the moment you sign up with us to the moment you have repaid our loan and beyond, we walk you throughout the process, hold your hand and be by your side. Our customer service complements this vision of ours and is always available for you, in case you have any enquiries. Our staff is dedicated to providing you the best possible information and advice, and thus, is always looking forward to meeting you. All in all, what we have in shape of this company is a family that takes care of one another.