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Things to consider

We put your interests at the forefront of our mission statement and consider it our duty to ensure that you are made aware of all the aspects of getting a secured loan. Therefore, not only are we dedicated to filling you up with all the relevant information but also help clarify misconception.

One thing that usually puts off from opting for a secured loan is the need for collateral. Generally, it is not the inability to pledge something, but the unwillingness. Nobody likes putting something as important as their house on the line. Irrespective of how confident you are about your ability to pay back the loan, it is still too risky for many people. Therefore, there is a need that we put forth the facts about collaterals. When you secure your loan via your house or other property, you are indeed taking a big risk, which is something that most lenders take into account. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that your collateral would be seized on the mere basis of missing a few payments - it will not. Most lenders expect from you honesty about your financial situation. They tend to be inclined on forming long-term relationships and thus, give importance to your satisfaction. Therefore, if you are afraid of losing out on your house just because you did not meet a payment or two, you need not be. We deal with leading lenders from across the UK, all of whom have an established name in the secured loans business. They are known form their understanding nature and flexibility to understand and incorporate your circumstances, and come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Another thing to consider is that no loan is ever guaranteed. What we do is act as the medium through which you reach the ultimate lender. Therefore, although we do push your case through our close association with the leading lenders, it would wrong to say that we can guarantee you a loan. Similar is the case with the likes of Money Super Market and However, what we do guarantee is that we boast one of the highest acceptance rates in the country, while also getting you some of the lowest APRs across the UK.

Lastly, since you put your house and other prestigious assets on the line, we highly encourage you to take up as much loan as you can afford to service and avoid the hassle that brings into question your creditworthiness.